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We have a Mobile App!

Learn About Our App Benefits!


Create an account to get rewards and free food!


Use your loyalty account when purchasing to earn points!

Earn Points

Earn 10 points per dollar spent!

Free Food

Claim your points to get free food!

Order Ahead

Order your meal before you leave so you can skip the line.

Free Delivery

Don’t have time to pick up or dine in? Get your meal delivered right to you           (7 mile delivery radius)!

Digital Payments

We support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards through the app!

Pickup Later

Order your lunch in the morning so we know to have it warm and ready by the time you get there!

In App Offers

Receive special offers only for app users!

Promo Codes

Receive promo codes such as free delivery!

Free Items

Receive occasional free items for having the app and creating an account!

Points multiplier

Get more points during a point multiplier promotion!

Everything you need in one place.

We have been able to create an app where our community can:

  • Earn points for free menu items
  • Order ahead to customize your meal
  • Get special in-app offers

Take a look at our most popular dishes!

Download Our App

Use your iPhone or Android device to download our mobile app!

Create an Account

Create an account to get promotions and earn points for free food! 

Enjoy and Share with Friends

Use your account to order ahead, get your food delivered right to you, get promotions, and get free food!

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